Local Team + Global Focus = A World of Difference for Kids and Families

Several members of The University of Florida craniofacial team recently completed a trip to the Ukraine, providing therapy, counseling, and clinical services to children and families affected by craniofacial malformations. The annual event, started 22 years ago, is life-changing for both patients and practitioners.

“The families are so happy and grateful for our involvement,” said Lyubov Wharton, who works with the Craniofacial Center. “Every year we get dozens of letters, thanking us for what we have done.”

“We need this program,” said one mother. “At this camp I started to believe in my abilities and in my child’s too. I understand now that everything is in our hands: we can do it and we can have
help from speech pathologists and psychologists and my child will grow as a whole worthy person.”

Other parents note that their families benefitted from the skills and self-confidence gained during the trip, noting psychological support, speech therapy, and new friendships. “From the very beginning we had such a friendly and pleasant atmosphere here. Everybody was so kind. Working with specialists was a joy. All organization of the camp was superb. It would be so great to repeat this experience one more time!”