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A referral for an evaluation by the UF Craniofacial team can be made by a physician or health professional who is concerned that a child may need medical, surgical, dental, psychological, speech or hearing intervention for any craniofacial malformation. Click the button below to learn more about making a referral.

Facebook Group

We have created a Facebook support group for those parents/caregivers who have children who attend our Gainesville clinic. This group is considered a private group which means this group cannot be found in searches. Non-members cannot see anything about the group, including posts and the member list. The names will not display on the profiles of members, and in order to join you need to be added by a member of the group.

The purpose of this group is to provide comfort and support for those who are caring for a child with a cleft and/or a craniofacial difference. Caregivers can ask one another for advice, they can give suggestions, share stories, or just sit back and enjoy the comfort of friends who are adjusting to similar situations. We want families to know they are not alone!

The information provided in the support group is for craniofacial support purposes only and should not be used as a substitute for professional advice. The opinions within the group do not necessarily reflect the opinions of our Craniofacial Team. Tatianna Pulcini, Social Worker, will be the only team member allowed in this group. As much as we appreciate the love and support of family and friends, only parents/legal guardians will be allowed to join the group.

If you are interested in joining this online support group, please contact Tatianna Pulcini for more information.